5 witch secrets in Minecraft you didnt know


5 witch secrets in Minecraft you didnt know

Players can find a mob that looks like a villager in the swamps and marshes of Minecraft. These creatures, known as witches or villager-like mobs, can be dangerous and not as peaceful as villagers.

The oldest mob in Minecraft is the witches. This update was released as part of the Pretty Scary Update, which took place during Halloween 2012. Witch is an antagonist mob that uses potions to buff her and damage her enemies.

Witches can be found in witch huts or during pillager raids. Witches can also be spawned when the light level drops below 7. This article will discuss some of the most bizarre facts about Minecraft's spooky witches.

Hidden facts about Minecraft witches

5) Witches are neither villagers nor illagers

Many similarities exist between witches and villagers in Minecraft. They are neither villagers nor illagers. Although witches follow the same pattern as villagers, they are not considered villagers.

This is something that some players might not be aware of, as witches can spawn during illager attacks. Witches, despite their ability to help evil villagers, are still considered hostile mobs.

4) Witches do not attack villagers

Although Minecraft doesn't have a specific lore, there are many theories that fans have supported with evidence. One theory states that witches originated as villagers. A witch is a villager who is struck by thunder.

Witches do not attack Minecraft villagers, except for conversion. This is strange because witches often support villagers during pillager raids. Witches don't attack villagers but instead focus on empowering illagers.

3) Largest loot tables

After being killed by a player, almost all mobs in Minecraft drop items. A witch can drop multiple items. You can create an automated witch farm to get the following items.

To have a chance at getting, players can kill a witch by drinking its potion.

2) The mouth of a witch is a magical thing

The witch's character model is based upon villagers, as mentioned previously. There are a few minor details that players might not be aware of, such as the fact that witches can have mouths. Witches reveal their mouths while drinking potions by lifting their long, magical noses.

1) Witches partly rely on Baba Yaga

The inspiration for Minecraft developers comes from real-world stories, animals and structures. Baba Yaga is a ferocious supernatural being who lived in swamp huts and was the inspiration for witches. You would never have thought that Minecraft could harbor such terrifying monsters.

These are just a few of the many secrets Minecraft has to offer about witches. Some players might feel uneasy around witches after learning some of the most disturbing and mysterious facts.