How is warden going to hit elevated enemies ?


How is warden going to hit elevated enemies ?

Minecraft is a community of gamers with aspiring and creative ideas. Reddit is the main page on the internet and Minecrafters all over the globe have built a huge community of over 5.6 million members.

r/Minecraft has one of the largest Minecraft communities online. Many players visit this subreddit every day to share their amazing creations. These Redditors often share their innovative ideas for future game updates.

Reddit user U/World1_Lev1 came up with a brilliant idea for next year's Minecraft1.19 update. It is called The Wild Update. OP (Orignal poster) has created an attack mechanism for the Warden.

Mojang officially revealed the next Minecraft update at Minecraft Live 2021. It is called The Wild Update. In Minecraft 1.19, you will also get the much-anticipated Warden update and deep dark caves.

Fans were disappointed to hear that Wardens was delayed yet again, but it will be worth the wait, as Mojang shared exciting information about the mob.

Redditor/World1_Lev1 was intrigued by the Warden's ability to attack enemies at higher levels of height.

Kingbdogz, a gameplay developer, had confirmed that the Warden would target enemies who are tall but did not share how. OP created a simple animation that shows how the Warden attacks from below the ground.

The post shows a Warden standing on the ground and a player using dirt blocks to tower up. To hit gamers, the Warden touches the ground with a sculk vein. It hits users at higher heights by passing through blocks.

Although the Warden's attacks have not been revealed by the developers, OP's theory is plausible. Mojang displayed sculk catalysts at Minecraft Live 2021 and showed how they create other types of sculk blocks such as veins, sensors, and so on.

The Warden's hands are similar to those of sculk catalysts. OP's idea might work if the hands of this mob have the same powers as sculk catalysts. Other Minecrafters shared their ideas for Warden's attack mechanisms.


OP's vision of how Wardens will attack players at higher levels is fascinating and intriguing. Redditors had other suggestions.

Reddit user U/realhansgruber11 shared his story about the Warden appearing from the ground during Minecraft Live 2021. It may also attack users by stepping on the block it is standing on.

Redditor u/Piemaster777777 mentioned the sculk sensor-type device on Warden's head. He suggested that it could use it to generate loud vibrations and cause damage.

Redditor u/SoKool71 pointed to a major mistake in OP's idea. He said gamers could break a block that would stop the Warden attacking them.

Developers have stated that they want the Warden to be scary and will make it nearly impossible to beat.