What can we expect in the wild update ?


What can we expect in the wild update ?

Minecraft players are excited for update 1.19, also known as The Wild Update, which will transition to 2022.

This Minecraft update will, as the name suggests, take a closer look into the wilds of Minecraft. For improved immersion, biomes and the creatures they contain are being updated. New mobs and biomes are also being introduced.

Mojang hopes to make travel more enjoyable in the Overworld by promoting diversity. But that's not all that is being done. There is a new location that turns out to be the most spooky yet.

Mojang has taken steps to improve wilderness life in Minecraft's worlds. Mangrove swamp biomes are made up of mangrove trees that have deep roots and water that is murky to help them stay healthy.

Tadpoles are born and then grow into frogs. There will be many variations depending on the location they hatch.

The Wild Update also features mud, which is its own block. You can make it by placing a water bottle on a block of dirt. Once dried, you can dry it out and use dripstone to filter the water. This is the first source for renewable clay since Minecraft was created.

You can also make bricks from mud, which will be useful for shelters and homes.

The implementation of the long-delayed deep, dark biome is likely to be the most important feature in the next Minecraft update. This underground biome, which is strangely empty of all life, reaches down to the lowest levels of Minecraft.

Sculk lines are a strange material that vibrates to track the movements of players. You can find ancient, sprawling cities in deep darkness. They likely have lots of loot.

Players should be cautious as a sculk-shrieker block can cause a pulsing blackout within the biome. It could also disrupt the habitat for the deep dark biome, which would make it even more dangerous. The Warden, a virtually invulnerable boss mob, may then appear to hunt them down.